Master Your Finances

Achieve Financial Freedom

Hi, my name is Bob Cross and I help people get started on their path to financial freedom with a new program that helps you organize your finances, define your spending habits, and then find your path to get of debt sooner, and even get on a path to attain financial freedom before you thought it was possible.  I believe, I’ve been there and it weighs heavily on me to see others going through what I have been through, marriages and families suffer due to experiencing financial stress.  It brings me joy to help you find your path.  I have seen my share of financial stress and on my journey to financial discovery, I developed a method to provide my family with a firm foundation by establishing our budget, planning how our money is spent, only buying the things we can afford, and saving for retirement.  Along the way I developed a passion to help others build a strong financial future for themselves.

As an Enrolled Agent and Registered Tax Planner I see hundreds of clients finances every year.  I’ll never forget when I decided to become a financial coach.  I was sharing with a friend how since 2018 I had developed my own “financial freedom” program from a few other programs I had found during my research.  My program helped me pay off close to $100,000 in credit card and loan debt, refinance my house to lower my monthly payments and still pay it off in the same amount of time, octuple my savings account, start saving for retirement, and raise my credit score from 490 to over 700.  I am now on a path to achieve my financial freedom 10 to 15 years before I thought that I’d be able to.  My friend asked if I could help them use my new system.  I did and during the process my friend said they found it so valuable they wanted to pay me for my time.  I told them I was enjoying it so much I didn’t want money – after all, what are friends for?  But later that night I was lying in bed thinking about the day and realized there must be others in my community that could use the same help.  And that’s when I decided I would start financial coaching.

Today I use my program to help other hard working families who make good money, but still feel like they are trapped by their debt to make the most of their money each month so they can eliminate debt sooner, build their savings, and get on a path to financial freedom as quickly as possible.  And that’s how I got here, and I love that I can have such a meaningful calling that helps people live their best life.

I have been happily married to my lovely wife since 2004.  We have 5 children and just this year we welcomed our new grandson and granddaughter.  When I am not helping people get control of their finances, I am usually coaching my son’s wrestling team, attending my other son’s soccer games (whenever due to the circumstances of 2020 we are allowed to start again), riding my Harley, or spending time in our new family passion, traveling around Southern California in our RV (taking the family and Harley with me of course).