Charting Your Course to Getting Out of Debt and Reaching Financial Freedom!


Financial Intelligence is your 6-week program that helps to put you on your path to Financial Freedom.

The course is designed to be part of our ongoing Financial Intelligence program, but it can be purchased as a stand-alone course.

The topics covered during the six weeks include:

  1. First Steps to Financial Success that includes a deep dive into goal setting and discovering your reasons for reaching Financial Freedom.
  2. Personal Financial Awareness includes building your personal net worth statement and building your personal budget.
  3. Building Financial Awareness is designed for business owners but can be used by individuals to supplement week 2.
  4. Using Technology to help manage your finances.
  5. Understanding Key Performance Indicators helps you to define, set, and monitor your goals and then helps find root problems of attaining Financial Freedom.
  6. Financial Intelligence Wrap Up and Ongoing Financial Maintenance helps you define your yearly and monthly projections and structuring your finances to excel.